The product fly buster

Innovative system successfully used for years. It comes from a combination of international studies and researches for the development of solutions for the disinfestations of flies and an over two decade old experience in managing farms and stables.


The FLYBUSTER system is based on an efficient bait which attracts flies, made up of fermented yeasts and additives approved for use in the food industry. The bait is totally biological (green), it doesn’t contain insecticides of either animal origin nor toxins, therefore it’s completely harmless to the environment, animals, and workers. A special production technique has made it possible to make the bait in liquid form, ready-to-use and immediately effective; it is sold in 2lt bottles, in recyclable PET.



The bait is poured into a plastic container with lid supplied with particular ‘one way’ openings, which are applied to special patented netted cones that do not allow the flies to get out once inside, having being attracted by the bait.


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